Archaically the word Quodlibet means ‘a topic for philosophical or theological discussion’. The album’s title and cover artwork is indicative of the honesty and depth at play, in which Clifford explores personal and existential subject matters relating to the transience of life, loss, regret, apathy and acceptance. Dave Clifford, his father, took the album’s photography. According to the songster ‘the eyes don’t lie… I wanted something up close and personal to reflect how much this album means to me... Every facet of me has gone into this body of work’. A Quodlibet can also be defined as ‘a light-hearted medley’, again fitting due to the LPs closing track.

The album’s style and direction was largely constructed in the Autumn of 2014, during a 6 month period in which Clifford resided in Berlin to hone his songwriting skills. Quodlibet was recorded, for the most part, by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse Productions in Musicland Studios (London) in February 2016. Clifford decided to take an extended break away from the album to listen to new music and sounds in an attempt to broaden his musicality and outlook. Equipped with new production ideas he returned to conclude Quodlibet at the end of 2016 with cleansed ears and a fresh perspective.