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Greg Clifford is a Dublin based independent musician and interdisciplinary artist. Clifford’s style is an authentic amalgamation of alternative rock, modern pop, folk and classical guitar finger-picking, as well as weaving subtle electronic elements into his body of work. His compositions exude honesty and purity in which he explores thought-provoking subject matters and astute musical textures.

The prolific songster, who holds a Masters in contemporary composition, has a number of releases under his belt including Why Can't You See EP (2015), Quodlibet LP (2017) and the 20/20 Vision LP (2020) among a plethora of other EPs and singles, such as Long Lost Friend which bagged Clifford an iTunes Number 1 in March 2021.

Later this year Clifford will release his eagerly anticipated new album Lines of Desire, which will be accompanied by a 13,000 word book that reveals the sources of inspiration behind the songs, as well as a 40-minute documentary about the making of the LP.

Aside from his solo music endeavors Clifford works as a session musician, producer and arranger. He has also toured internationally with the Diversus Guitar Ensemble, scored for the RTE Concert Orchestra and guest lectures and composes avant-garde works for the Sound Training Centre. The eclectic artist, who works as a videographer, is also currently writing a semi-autobiographical book about his time gigging in Switzerland with a parody Irish trad rock band entitled The Diary Entries of a Somewhat Degenerate.

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